Sports law

Actor? Agent? Need an escort and/or representation during negotiations, when signing the contract The terms that come to you What are your rights?

Sports lawyer Vadim liran kolatinsky gives you advice, assistance and legal advice in sports law in civil rights issues and Israeli societies athletes professionally and contract. Sports law requires domain knowledge and proficiency with regard to regulations and rules of the sport.

Lawyer Vadim liran kolatinsky provides services in the field of sports law as follows:

Players agents representation:

  • Assistance in negotiations with sports associations and players.
  • Editing various agreements.
  • Legal representation at lawsuits.

Guidance, advice and legal representation for athletes:

  • Assistance in negotiating an agreement with sports associations.
  • Legal advice.
  • Representation in claims for severance pay and other rights in the Labor Court.
  • Edit players and other agreements.
  • Representing all types of claims before the arbitrator.
  • Representation in the Committee.
  • Representation in the courts.
  • Representation in sports accidents in claims against the National Insurance Institute and the insurance companies.

Representing sports associations

  • Editing players agreements.
  • Consultation.
  • Edit artist agreements, players and officials.
  • Representation before disciplinary litigating.
  • Representation before arbitration institution.
  • Representation before the budgetary control.
  • Representing sports associations and athletes against commercial entities (advertising, marketing and sponsorships).
  • Representation in the courts.

In addition, our Office works cooperatively with football and basketball agents in the country.

You are invited to contact a lawyer Vadim Aisha kolatinsky and receive the best assistance to tzorickm without any legal obligation. 

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