Pre-nuptial agreement

The agreement is an agreement between partners and/or guardianship, seeking to anchor the financial and management aspects of the common life, such as child custody, joint accounts, assets, debts and assets. In fact, all concerning the life of the coupling, which could at some point in life, shared between the spouses, could enter into the agreement. In addition, the agreement stipulates the Division of property between spouses in case of end of life together, which contributes to healthy life together.  

Negotiations in the money

The couple are having some kind of negotiations including the terms of this agreement in order to prevent any future fights which can hurt. The purpose of the prenup is to strengthen the link with no interests of one side against the other. Therefore it is important to stress that the dialogue which will lead to patient with love the signing money to the couple. Therefore it is recommended to use a lawyer Vadim liran קולצ'ינסקי who has experience in negotiating and specializes in contracts and agreements.

Can I edit the agreement independently or should I contact a lawyer? 

What a prenup?

A prenup can regulate many issues related to the management of coexistence of partners and/or guardianship, such as child custody, child education, child support and property. All concerning double life, which could cost one or another stage of their lives. The money required the approval of the agreement. When the couple having a prenup before the wedding, you can approve the agreement at a notary or the family court. However, when the agreement was signed after approval, the agreement will be given by the Court. 


The importance of an agreement lawyer

Drawing up a prenup is complex, both legally and emotionally. The agreement must be clear and must be specifically enabled the couple to expect future as possible and give full legal response to various situations that could hibzer the future in order to avoid a legal fight hard and long and unpleasant in case of separation. With this in mind, drafting prenuptial agreement independently is not recommended and it is important to contact an attorney specialized in contracts and agreements. The lawyer put pre-nuptial agreement clearly and comprehensively, all relevant information and ensures the future of the couple. The aim is to create legal certainty, which builds trust and remove all concerns of spouses and clear rules of the game and had a couple decide to break up have regulated the economic separation which can prevent a lot of unpleasantness, as saying "in love with love" to finish.


The Court's authority over the approval agreement

The Court's role is to ensure that partners understand the meaning and consequences of the agreement the money and make sure the agreement was carried out without coercion and voluntarily of the partners. 

However, the Court has no authority to interfere with the property arrangements stipulated in the agreement to change or balance property differs from the couple agreed of their own free will.


A prenup and divorce.  

In recent years, increasing awareness of the importance of prenuptial agreements and divorce and that the amount of the divorce in the State of Israel. The decision to divorce is not an easy decision, but the summation with regard, and/or one of the partners, must do all they can to manage the procedure at best and as pleasant as possible. The recommended way is signing a divorce agreement which is in fact the prenuptial agreement, the couple comes to joint agreements on divorce and the end of the procedure, without unnecessary and difficult struggles.

A prenup and divorce include all divorce issues, including prenuptial agreement, relating the financial aspect. And the couple had signed a prenuptial agreement before marriage and/or after the marriage, the divorce agreement agreement part and the pair will have to formulate agreements on other issues.


Divorce agreement highlights

The decision to sign the divorce agreement is undoubtedly the best decision when it comes to divorce proceedings. The reason is that when the agreement was signed a joint agreement, the power to prevent disputes and power struggles between the two sides in the future. The divorce agreement, like editing editing the prenuptial agreement, issued by lawyer specializing in contracts and agreements, which will give attention to the following:


Selecting an attorney the money and/or divorce.

Purpose of prenuptial agreements and divorce is to regulate various issues within the relationship and prevent double of a legal battle between the couple. Of the agreements, in order to contact a lawyer knowledgeable staff carefully the various legal issues and has extensive experience in drafting contracts agreements. Besides the extensive legal knowledge and professional experience. In addition, it must act with sensitivity and respect the difficulties which the client's farm during the divorce.


The lawyer Vadim liran קולצ'ינסקי, has extensive experience in drafting pre-nuptial agreements, after marriage, divorce and agreements and these agreements representation in civil courts and rabbinical courts.

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