Lease agreement

Why should edit lease agreement by lawyer specializing in contracts?

These important sections that are in your lease agreement.

  1. Rent-the most important part is to regulate the conditions of funds which should be detailed in the rental agreement are:
    • Payment amount.
    • The date of payment.
    • Through the transfer.
    • The challenge to certain conditions if any.
  2. Lease period-apartment rental agreement and/or standard business must specify the lease start date and end date, note also date from the contract due to violations and/or voluntary parties.
  3. Lease agreement-non-protected accounts must be specified for self-healing and that apply to the landlord the tenant, such as water, electricity, gas, insurance, property taxes, phone taxes and levies. It should be noted that if the rent is so business has additional fees that apply to the landlord and tenant.
  4. Collateral-landlord lease agreement indicating the safe conditions to maintain the leasehold property such as the rental agreement, the personal guarantee and/or bank guarantee, deposit check, checks the authorities (municipality, etc.)
  5. Compensation and agreed on lease agreement non-protected you must specify the amount of compensation to the injured side, there are compensations that comes to one of the parties who are in a contract under the law of contracts (remedies for breach of contract), 1971 1970.    

The importance of editing the lease agreement by a lawyer:

It is very important to edit lease agreement by an attorney specializing in real estate contracts and/or beginning of parties and it should avoid as much as possible the controversies may arise at any stage of the agreement. In addition, it must be remembered that the role of the lawyer Vadim liran kolatinsky to maintain the interests of the client. Way as courts are with renters, especially in cases which lease agreement has no provisions, and should use a lawyer specializing in contracts and agreements.

People work all their lives to acquire assets and if they decided to rent the property which usually comes from savings and/or loans which hung a large importance in the lease agreement by lawyer specializing in real estate agreements.

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