Representation in court

Litigation-representation in court?

Litigation is the claim in the courts. In litigation there are two types: civil litigation and civil litigation. Civil litigation also has expertise in commercial litigation.

What is litigation?

Litigation in Hebrew is a discussion where a common argument in court, a role usually done by a lawyer.

Engaged in litigation in the field of criminal law and civil law. Civil litigation also has expertise in commercial litigation.

Litigation relevant to each case that ultimately reached the legal discussion whether a court or Tribunal all other judicial instance. About the Attorney in litigation to be familiar with the rules relevant to the legal process.

In recent years there has been a trend toward specialization in litigation, and many firms have established special departments in which staff lawyers who specialize in litigation and representation in court.

Commercial litigation, civil and criminal

The litigation criminal law on civil law and commercial law and practice relevant to each case that comes to the legal discussion whether the hearing will be in court, Tribunal, arbitrator or before any judicial instance and another fictional portrayals.

Commercial litigation

Commercial litigation is a field of criminal and civil litigation, and much she skyrocketed in 2010 the Economic Department at the District Court in Tel Aviv (Economic Court). Commercial litigation deals with criminal law and offences under the securities law and civil proceedings relating to corporate, administrative appeals against decisions of the Israel securities authority and the Registrar of companies and appeals to discipline decisions by law.


Civil litigation

Litigation means litigation in a court in civil proceedings, including representation in proceedings that contracts and agreements, lawsuits, divorce, family law, inheritance and Testament, copyright, damages, litigation, labor law and real estate.


What is a itigetor?

The role of the litigtor (a lawyer specializing in litigation) first and foremost, to persuade the Court or judicial instance in the righteousness of its claims. To do this on litigtor to be able to compete both in court and out of court with a slew of tasks such as:

  • Studying the claims of the customer legal and factual;
  • A familiarity with, and the legal rulings.
  • Build a legal strategy and tactics.
  • Dealing about facing situations and respond appropriately and convincing both in writing and orally.
  • Interrogation of witnesses in court.
  • Claims analysis, testimony, and impressions and sichoman.


Lawyer Vadim liran קולצ'ינסקי-itigetor in civil and commercial matters which deal with complex disputes, which could lead to a quick solution of legal problems is not few. Therefore it is important to consult a lawyer Vadim liran kolatinsky, which can prevent the arrival to court and resolve the dispute between the parties. In General, a lawyer specializing in commercial litigation helps customers to operate in the most efficient manner and the smartest so he could fulfill the client's interests in the best way.

For an experienced commercial itigetor tries to resolve if the other side in the conflict and led to a solution out of court but sometimes there are special cases where the priority is to go to court.

Contact us today with a lawyer Vadim liran קולצי'נסקי and we will be happy to provide you with a professional service.

A lawyer in a court in Haifa and the Krayot.