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The establishment of a new business, business development, and business success worldwide are not simple for any business owner. Often feel stuck and not being able to leverage the business forward efficiently.

Lawyer Vadim liran קולצ'ינסקי provides escort services and legal advice to businesses in various industries ranging from real estate to local or international trade.

Receiving accompaniment from the lawyer knowledgeable in both the business world and in the legal world lets you perform many processes faster, more efficient and more effective, particularly in the right way. In this way your business will get the boost needed for all under an umbrella professional legal supervision and personal attention.

The service starts from topics such as opening, if open Company Ltd, the preparation of contracts and initial agreements for ongoing business operations (contracts, regulations, business partners, sales agreement, agreement between the companies, etc.). Beyond those lawyer Vadim liran קולצ'ינסקי provides business support services encompass according to the need for ongoing operations of your business.

Among other things:

  • Representation and business authorities.
  • Feasibility test of deal
  • Contracts and agreements on a wide range of areas such as: 


    • Founding agreement to open Company Ltd.
    • Affiliate Agreement.
    • Shareholder agreement.
    • Subcontractor agreement
    • An agreement across vendors.
    • An agreement to carry out construction works.
    • The service agreement.
    • Labor agreement.
    • The sale agreement, the transfer of shares.
    • Confidentiality agreement.
    • Non-competition agreement.
    • Franchise agreement.
    • The loan agreement.
    • Arbitration agreement.

Success in the business world begins construction of the business and business lawyer specializing in the field and which comes from the business world, these issues can mean the difference between a successful business and that is not so.

Lawyer Vadim liran קולצ'ינסקי provides escort services and professional business for all types of businesses and stand also at your disposal. Contact for consultation without any obligation.

Looking for accompaniment? Looking for a lawyer that knows about business?

Contact us today with a lawyer Vadim (Aisha) קולצי'נסקי and we will be happy to provide you with a professional service.

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