Why should open Company Ltd?

Why should open Company Ltd?

A person with high income founder Company Ltd., which provides its services through a corporation controls, instead of being subject to the tax rates are relatively high, pay ongoing tax permanent. And that's assuming that the money won't be the company as a dividend. This way you can reduce by more than half, under certain conditions, the current tax payments and save social security and tax fees. Incorporation of company raises business image in the eyes of the customers and conceals many advantages.

What Company Ltd.-

Company Ltd. is the incorporation of one or several people together for business activity, usually for profit.

Who can establish a firm Ltd?

Anyone – whether individual or Corporation.

Legal protection – Company Ltd. as a separate legal personality.

Legally the Company Ltd. itrachnot to establish not only that ' economic principle of separate legal personality, the shareholder company legally protected (except for extreme cases). In other words, while the debt owed to them than a standalone aggregator Company Ltd., which was registered with the Registrar of companies is a separate legal entity in itself! And if you're in the company financial difficulties and she stopped, unable and creditors including tax authorities Sue shareholders (i.e., you) and get into their pockets.
Therefore to open in our society willing to accept business accompaniment by Attorney Vadim Aisha kolatinsky.

Open Company Ltd. only with an attorney who specializes in professional and lawyer Vadim liran kolatinsky, we invite you to not require consultation regarding open Company Ltd.

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