What is the difference between bond share?

Bonds or bond is a security certificate is a guarantee for payment of a debt,
This is anything that can be loaned money to various entities. Section 1 of the companies act
Bonds sets. Guaranteed bonds for the distinction is that the Treasury itself is the obligation
To pay interest payments and repay the loan.

The maturity dates and repayment amounts determined in advance and it is a loan transaction in which company she borrowed,
Want to raise money and is backed up by the Treasury money. Who buys the IgG is lender of
And he becomes her creditor that the company had to repay his debt.

Note: not to be confused, when I buy I bonds followed, when taking money out of the Bank I.


What is unique in offering of bonds compared with normal loan?

Have an advantage in terms of company contact capital markets: credit and advantage is because
The Bank gives a sum of money is expected to be actively involved in the company's activities and is
Becomes very dominant and tough by placing restrictions on the other hand company in the capital market
Because it is scattered across a lot of lenders don't have dominance in society and therefore
It's more convenient to issue bonds that are less restrictive and company involved
Her in her task. Companies more comfortable to go to the capital market.

Also in terms of ability to raise bank credit: supervisor of banks puts limits on the possibility
The Bank's loan to a single borrower in the market, one company. And tested limits of Inspector
Banks that limit the amount that can be put in one company to which,
Therefore basically to give one company an amount too high it can be problematic.
Therefore the companies do it by selling bonds to many people.

Usually even out bonds cheaper in terms of interest (in terms of interest rates) that Ajmer has an advantage.
Of liquidity compared to a bank loan that is stuck and not loan leak Bajoran can trade by:
And get money for that Companion is fluid and industrial and makes it more attractive and to require
Lower bank interest rates than a bank loan that is stuck so the Bank will ask higher interest.

What is a stock?

Share this bind of company rights are determined by law and regulations. The stock is not right toward
The whole world but only to privilege and subordinate debt she.

3 main rights of stockholder:

  1. The right to vote: share gives the right to participate in the vote in the General Assembly. The general meeting of shareholders
    On top of the pyramid of the hierarchy and the ability to participate at that meeting and it is derived from ownership of the stock.
    That every one of the stock size that the votes in the vote.

  2. The right to receive dividend: and that's only if the company decides to change dividend distribution and if accepted such decision.
    So the shareholders by virtue of their ownership of the stock are eligible to participate in the distribution of earnings (dividend distribution).
    The participation rate of each stockholder dividend in terms of retention from the mine in the company.


    The right to the dividend stock the economic value and that allowing the stock to get value
    In the capital market (stock market) and allowing trade. If anticipation of stock receive dividend
    There was no rationale for holding the stock which causes the stock to benefit from holding the stock because if
    The company wasn't sharing the profits shareholders so it's ability to share in the company.
    Was only theoretical and the idea is that the owner of the stock will receive profits now or in the future depending on decision-making.
    Once a company splits the profits so the stock price drops.

  3. Right to receive from company assets in liquidation: this privilege is the right of residual shareholder lawsuit have
    Mean residual of what remains of the company's assets after payment of the debts to creditors since the previous creditors
    To shareholders therefore in many cases this is right theoretically that a company comes to dissolution
    When debts exceed the value shschwi assets and such a situation should not be a member of all assets and money to repay the creditors.
    Theoretical privilege unless it is a voluntary disarmament which has assets and money.
    In most cases the voluntary liquidation liquidation is not then it is theoretically.


The difference between a stock transport

The distinction is that in the public capital goes more towards investment in buying a stock account and
To understand the difference it is necessary to examine the status of shareholder (Investor) status of spouse
Hugessen (who is a creditor of the company). Return to IgG is fixed and defined (e.g. in bonds – 5%)
Compared to the shareholder for his space and gender in advance and dividend distribution to shareholder may
Reach and bigger amounts and it stems from the larger risk of holding stocks.

You can look at a loan in a legal document that creates a contractual framework rests with the borrower obligation
To return the funds of the loan in a specific date if he doesn't do so there.
Breach of contract and remedies lender has to attack. However the stock agreement is different.
Old name completely since the agreement between the investor and the investor company who will be entitled to use controversy
Dividends if the company decides on the distribution of profits.

The company is not obligated to divide spaces, we don't have a specific maturity date but only anticipation.
The investor if the company split profit then he will partner them unlike in there
There are no due dates for second rioters.

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