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In many cases, the purchase of a residential apartment is one of the biggest deals we choose to do in our lives as a family importance and deal with the scope of money, however, often choose the buyers rely on the contractor's lawyer, ו"חוסכים" accompanied by a professional lawyer, specializing in real estate and land.

In recent times we have many cases of clients who are purchasing a new apartment from a contractor without an attorney on their behalf that certain contractor law has the interest of the two parties which is Tripp!

It should be emphasized that a lawyer: the contractor is committed solely to the contractor interest! So the lawyer moves to acquire the contract which do not understand him because he also has interests in favour of the buyers, according to section 2-4 for association rules (representing apartment transactions) Ordinance 1977 which apply to lawyers, the only thing an attorney on behalf of the contractor so they can do is register the cautionary notice in the land registry office for the benefit of purchasers and place itself in the registry by the end of the procedure.

One of the reasons that the purchasers try ל"חסוך" advocate on their behalf because of certain contractor law is also looking out for their interests, but it must be remembered that "savings" advocate on behalf of future buyers can make real savings if you deal in trouble from ה"טעות" Canal to acquire a lot of money which can result in considerable financial corruption and personal friends to save on Attorney whose job it is to protect your interests every step of the way and ensure the intended acquisition.

The final verdict is that anyone who wished to buy the apartment from a contractor and think that the lawyer is also has an interest in.

The case where a business judgment, touched the couple signed in 2003 a contract to purchase a new home builder for approximately $ Y. In the contract, the value of the company's lawyer, the couple will pay X money first and the rest will take place at the designated reception. Later this year the couple also signed a contract to sell the old apartment to one of the company's contract because even by the lawyer of the company/contractor.

But after a year the company encountered financial difficulties, which led to the fact that the Bank follows the process the new apartment and condo deal, the old "stuck".

Many years later he was appointed temporary joint contractor company and the couple came with an arrangement whereby pays the Bank $ Z in return for a new apartment and at the same time, the company which bought the old place did not meet his obligation.

While the date for the magistrate court in Nazareth with a claim for compensation of the Attorney (company/contractor), which they claim was negligent that he "represented" in the old apartment deal and that the company info/general contractor not good financial situation and had to protect the interests of the spouses and to prevent the possibility of another apartment slavery argued that the author knew that the money from the sale of the old apartment is for purchasing new apartment contractor And so I present the transaction any guarantee on behalf of the contractor, the company that put in risk.

The lawyer argued that the prosecution should be postponed and that it was made clear to the couple that never paid retainer and that they are not represented by the couple, not Doug to be represented by a lawyer who specializes in real estate and to prevent the enslavement they have nothing against him.

The judge interpreted that non-payment of fees does not negate the existence of an attorney-client relationship. However, in the present case the judge impressed that except for signing the contracts, there was no connection between the couple to a lawyer and they conducted the transactions without legal representation.

Although the judge ruled that the lawyer had to alert the State company partner and the necessity to prevent slavery, but not proven that non-definiteness is causing them financial damage. In addition, the plaintiffs cannot be compensated for that "ש"כמעט caused them harm. Apart from this, the judge noted that the couple had left everybody wins, since ultimately they paid for your new apartment less monetary value, and the old apartment, failed to sell at a higher sum than the amount specified in the sales agreement with the company.

Therefore, the claim is denied and the judge imposing the fee charged $15,000.

We therefore recommend not to save on your attorney who will accompany you through one of the most important transactions.

As noted hiring services of advocate involves a fee but it is a relatively insignificant amount compared to the deal, and the dangers entailed in implementing the acquisition without legal representation.

The above does not constitute legal advice or a substitute for legal advice.

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