Practice areas

The firm advises its clients on various legal topics:

  • Real estate/real estate-providing legal advice and real estate transactions, commercial/private תמ"א.
  • * Execution-collecting checks and promissory notes, worth of debt, debt consolidation, פש"ר case.
  • * Traffic-traffic law, drunk driving, license, accidents, traffic points.
  • * Damages – accidents, insurance claims.
  • * Contracts-contracts and commercial information (such as an agreement, lease agreement, job agreement, divorce, partnership agreement).
  • * Wills and estates-wills, representation before the Registrar for inheritance.
  • *-Labour advising employees/employers, employees/employers.
  • * Litigation-representing clients in courts to achieve best results.
  • * Commercial law-providing legal advice and business people, companies and construction companies.