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Israeli law system established many rules and regulations regarding labor so that the relationship between employee and employer and employee rights will be regulated by law. The complexity of the subject requires today consultation and accompaniment of labor lawyer in Haifa every subject and interest related to business issues.

Israel is part of the Western world and advanced modernity which exist about laws that have been enacted to regulate relations between employee and employer and employee rights or the employer in such cases. The relationship between employee and employer and employee or the State and business are defined as labor.

During these 21 have been enacted labor laws many significant fundamental that we all are exposed to them during our lives either as employees or as employers of employees. The most prominent of which are:

  • Minimum wage Act
  • Severance pay law
  • Law of labour and rest.
  • Collective agreements Act
  • Annual vacation law
  • Law women fieldwork (pregnancy etc.)
  • Youth labor law

Rules intended to establish regulated frames of work and working conditions and if there is no agreement between employee and employer regarding the issue one way or another in the relations between them, or between one of them and the country, access to work, which is a unique Tribunal dedicated to lawsuits and appeals in matters of employment and social benefits.

Today, the economic and employment situation in Israel, many know that their constitutional rights are violated frequently and they may get what they deserve from their employers last because it wants to reduce its costs. Sometimes the damage is for years without you, and you know nothing about casualties in an amount equal to tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of thousands of shekels in accumulation.

Furthermore you may pay grab is, if based on vacation, convalescent or deserve salary depending on market conditions, and you may even get hurt in case of unlawful dismissal and be aware your employer the rights and/or the country in such a situation.

In each of these cases a lawyer Vadim liran קולצ'ינסקי offers you a scumbag Attorney labor in Haifa has extensive experience, to direct and accompany all legal needs that, worker or employer.

There is no doubt that quality Attorney service authorities or against the other side's lawyer involved, well, it is extremely important to receive such service in advance and before heading to the Labor Court for any reason.

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