What is the Board and what does the Company Ltd?

Definition of Board

The Board is actually an upper Manager at corporate (company) which determines the strategy, iiadi and monitor goals after on and fired managers and more. When a private company Board can be one of the owners, managers or any person that the company gave him the right to be Chairman of the Board. In a working, public companies, the Board is a collection of people appointed on behalf of the company to make these decisions, not shareholders, as is customary in a private company.

Corporate law deals with the powers of each of the organizations. Directors should be appointed by the shareholders but the more shareholders that the Board has more power. The problem is when the Board is strong because in most cases, particularly in having companies which have real distribution, the Board is actual body cares and is supposed to operate for the benefit of the company of concern to shareholders.

The powers of the Board are

The Board has a number of powers, the Board so the company's activities and oversee the performance of corporate executives. It states the principles and priorities, organizational structure, preparing financial statements, appointment and dismissal of the ceo, bonds and more.

At a Board of Directors and ceo are not the same person, it's unlike what happens in a private company because the Board shouldn't be involved in administrative activities and shareholder cannot run the company because they are too many of them don't meet at all.
Furthermore there is also indifference supplying if sprinkled among Board shareholders will each account is my ש"הקול not worth a lot" and therefore not worth investing time in reaching the shareholders meeting and therefore who gets involved with the Board or what to buy him immense power.

Corporate Law emphasizes the role of the Board of Directors of the company. You can draw a triangle small belfry on society is not the Executive but the Board. The company law Board initial authority, all operations are under the law and if this lawyer certification, which is lacking, so the Board is determined as if the action has not determine who the authority to decide, direct the Authority's Board.

How to select Board

Under section 59 of the annual general meeting appoints the directors, unless otherwise prescribed in the regulations. That means the companies Act gives the basis that can't make part and is a recommendation unless the shareholders under the company's articles of Association would like to decide otherwise.
Private companies have a controlling, managing and who has one, her Director but is not suitable for public companies because during the IPO process make comparing the rights of shareholders as stock. Therefore, public companies are two types of shareholders.
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