Advance trial-everything you need to know about the procedure–a lawyer in Haifa

This factor is not the evidence, there are cases where during immemorial law judge sitting is not
Is to hear the discussion later. The trial's goal is to optimize, reduce disputes
Legal, giving preliminary requests decisions such as:

  • Discovery documents
  • Thanksgiving facts
  • Requests for additional information

The Court will try to reconcile the parties and we need to be prepared.


What are the powers of the judge in advance?

Pre trial judge has authority to look into the allegations, a judge could claim that no reporter
Find grounds to order the repair claims deleted texts written or portions of claims,
To determine priority questions between the parties before entering the trial body he can ask us to make.
His list of plogthiot = dispute. During the trial, the judge may decide to append or delete a party,
He can also decide whether to send a third message, 143 (3): he can decide about further details,
Evidence of facts.

As part of promoting certified Court Court to discuss temporary injunctions and he also determines how the hearing will be
Him: he can determine the things that could happen to him in damages.
Claiming damage then the extent of the damage, the court divides the discussions: discussion of the question of responsibility and discussion
In addition to the damage. It does this because if he should Don one time and responsibility scope:
The damage is stirring stuff that's not so connected and responsibility to deal with questions of the extent of the damage.

Court certified in advance of trial give worth without protection. Do you know who is entitled to ask questions too.
Their bodies? Ye
s, come to court prepared factor discussions properly!

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